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[xxACxx] Remy S. Lefevre by Geminid
[xxACxx] Remy S. Lefevre

Name: Remy Satoru Lefevre
Age: 23 
Birthday: October 14
Gender: Male
Height: 178cm | 5'8"
Weight: 75kg | 165lbs
Nationality: French/Japanese

Department: Lobby Assistance
Rank: Trainee 
Salary: 100 Xenny

+Perseverant +Good memory +Informative +Knows his limits+

-Unsure about life -Mischievous -Asks too many questions -Panics when in a situation where he doesn’t know anything -

Remy is generally a nice person, especially while working with guests/higher ups he tends to be polite and professional at all times. He spends a lot of time memorizing his schedule, floor plans of the hotel, and basically everything he needs to know about his job so he can do well. Sometimes he even goes so far as to memorizing other coworkers’ schedules just so he can have the most accurate info about his work place. Sometimes he might ask too many questions when being introduced to a new thing so he doesn't mess up. His smile and eyes always make him look sleazy and untrustworthy and he needs to be good at what he does to make up for the intimidating look. The smile can make customers feel a little confused, because he's very polite and gives good service yet the smile is disconcerting and creepy. He's persistent, relentless even though it took him a while to get out of school and find a job. Outside of work, he can be a little mischievous and will pull a few pranks on his friends such as showing up in their house at midnight, loudly playing the cello; but he’ll make sure he definitely keeps that attitude away from guests or his higher ups because he does not ever want to get fired. His pranks might show up at the workplace towards coworkers in small amounts but he won’t let it go out of control.These antics are only directed towards the few employees who seem less likely to tattle on him or make a fuss about it. He's good at telling when is not a good time for his practical jokes as well.

[Word Count: 283]


Cello | dinosaur chicken nuggets particularly the stegosaurus shape | Coffee | Mystery stories


Opening doors by pulling | Sweets | Styrofoam | seagulls


     From a rather large family of 5 siblings, Remy was the middle child. He has 3 brothers, 1 older and 2 younger, and 1 older sister. He gets along with his older brother but not so much his younger brothers. His parents gave more attention to his younger siblings and were stricter towards his older siblings, so he received the least amount of their attention. This lack of attention and supervision allowed him to fool around and do some crazy things. To combat this, his parents placed him in a dozen lessons and cram schools to keep him busy and prevent him from acting up. He considered most of these lessons to be a bore but would still pay enough attention that he could pass the tests or exams his teachers set up.

    Out of all the lessons he took, the only one he thoroughly enjoyed was music class, where he learned to play the cello. He fell in love with the cello while watching his teacher unveil the antique spruce cello in the corner of the classroom. He thinks the cello has an incredible aura and loves the sounds it can produce. His parents were quite surprised that he chose the cello of all instruments, but he said it was definitely what he wanted to play so they let him keep it. Eventually everyone agreed that Remy looks the most beautiful while playing the cello, since that shifty smile isn’t on his face while he is concentrating. He plays often as a source of entertainment or when he’s feeling like his house isn’t lively enough.

    After a while, his parents got a little tired of him being an underachiever in his studies and sent him abroad for school. Their logic was that a stricter international school would improve his study habits. Instead, he wasn’t sure what to do so he ended up taking longer than he should have to get out of college. This made his parents absolutely livid and they wanted him to come back home, but he managed to land a job at a hotel which convinced them to let him stay. He has pressure to stay at the hotel and do well or else his parents will definitely make him go back home.

    At school, it was difficult for him to make friends or gain his teacher’s trust due to his rather scary face. On top of that, the girls at school would always think he would hit on them and try to keep their distance. This treatment didn’t exist in elementary school or middle school. In fact, his intimidating looks got him elected as the “leader” in a so-called “gang” that the kids at school would pretend to be in. Although by high school, people actually were convinced he was a gang member. Even his teachers suspected that he probably dabbled in illegal activities. The ostracism from classmates and teachers took the foolish and laid-back boy of the past and put him into hiding.

    There were a few friends from elementary school who still stuck with him, because they knew he was actually a good person. Others drifted away because they didn’t want to be lumped together with a creep. Thanks to his terrible history teacher in sophomore year, he was able to make more friends. The bond between classmates who share the same hellish teacher transcends all, and his classmates would actually approach him to talk (About how much they hated that class). He was thankful for his small group of friends who supported him no matter what he did or how he looked and learned to disregard jabs and judging stares from other students. Eventually his prankster personality came back and still prevails to this very day.

    Remy was a fairly smart student, he studies enough when interested, but lacks the focus to stay on one career path. Originally he went to college to study psychology but ended up in too many biology and music classes. One year, his older brother came to visit him in college and they had a long talk about what Remy should do with his future. Finally, he decided to stick to a degree in hospitality. This was because his experience working for his older sister and her husband at their inn was something interesting and fun. His brother and professors warned him his face might make it difficult for him in this field but he was already resolved. He claimed his personality would trump all.

    Indeed, it was difficult for him to get jobs because after interviews he would never get a callback. (He left a bad first impression.) He had to jump from one workplace to another and eventually heard about Aspro Corvus from a family friend. He wanted to work at Aspro Corvus because he decided the best way to convince his parents he didn’t need to go back home was to get a job at a prestigious hotel. The commute from his apartment was simple and he knew the area fairly well, which further sealed the deal. He wants to gradually work his way up in the hotel business and get promoted.

[Word Count: 859]

-he mostly plays classical music but he likes to try other kinds of music once in a while
-his hair tie tends to match his outfit 
-he particularly hates the sound styrofoam makes when it scratches against something
-His mother is Japanese and his father is French but they didn't live in France so his Japanese is decent (his mother speaks Japanese at home) but his French is bad. He can speak English fluently
-Remy is easy to pronounce so he never uses Satoru
-He rarely visits home, but when he does he'll stay with his sis because his younger brothers are annoying.

RP Method and Timezone
Skype/any other chat
Time zone: 
UTC-10:00 Hawaii.  i have uni so who knows when i'll be around but i will check everyday



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi I'm Geminid! You can call me Nids hehehe!
Let's see... I'm not currently living in Indonesia, but since I'm an Indonesian artist, I'll just put that down hoho.
I hope to keep improving and share my art with everyone!
Thanks for dropping by!
Hello deviantart it's been a while. I'll be uploading a couple other things that I deem are worthy enough and I've been trying to watch back some of the people who watch me. I haven't been here in a long time so I am really behind on deviantart things so I'm trying to keep myself in order. Right now is probably not the best of times because I'm super pressed for time, and a lot is happening in my personal life (me moving to another country). 

This year I will be guest artist of a couple of artbooks (this is my first time and it is a great honor for me) and if you are interested in my art and/or the series that I will be drawing for I hope you will be enticed into buying a copy. Details will come as soon as preorders start I guess?? I'll try to keep updated;; 

Bringing me to my next topic, for the next 5 watchers who comment I will do a small doodle request for them (single character please) of this sort of quality doodle 1 / doodle 2 (the colors might not be as insane though).. I hope to get along with my watchers and I hope you will accept this small gift. I'm a bit slow when it comes to art but I'll do my best. 

There are other places where I update my art more often 
Tumblr Twitter

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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